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BORIC ACID Suppositories

BORIC ACID Suppositories

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Yeast infections are the worst!

Women are amazing, but yeast is far from it. It is hard to relax and enjoy life when you’re bothered by brutal itchiness, excess discharge, and funky odors.

It's time for a natural solution to feel refreshed, free from irritation, and unwanted odors. 

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Why do we get yeast?

While vaginas certainly get an unfair share of it, anyone can develop yeast infections. Yeast occurs naturally in the human body, but sometimes it overstays its welcome. 

Tight pants, sweat, periods, and cyclical changes all contribute to a favorable yeast setting, as do everyday factors like stress, sex, diet and antibiotics. Keeping your privates clean won't solve the problem, and excessive washing can worsen it by disrupting the vaginal pH balance

At 365 HER, we think you deserve a simple fix that lets you bask in the glory of your shero self––so you can focus on conquering the world!

Our NEW Boric Acid vaginal suppositories quickly restore your female region's PH balance with a single, powerful natural ingredient that naturally curbs yeast growth.

How does Boric Acid work?

How does Boric Acid work? 

With its mild acidity and non-irritating properties, Boric Acid quickly and effectively shifts the vaginal environment from too alkaline to less yeast-friendly.

Once-A-Day Vaginal Suppository

365 HER's Boric Acid suppositories dissolve automatically at the source of your annoying V-problem, making them ideal for those having trouble swallowing or digesting pills. 

One Step To Banish Yeast

Yeast should be the least of your problems, so we made it easy to eliminate.

Just pop one in before bed, and the anti-yeast magic happens overnight! 

The only thing you need to worry about is cleaning your hands before, and waiting a few hours after for the suppository to dissolve. That’s it!

You deserve a simple fix that lets you bask in the glory of your shero self!

  • Physician-Grade

    100% Pure Boric Acid 

  • One Ingredient 

    Zero Additives

  • Gentle & Effective

    No Vaginal Irritants 

  • Fast-Acting Relief

    Naturally Potent

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Fighting yeast has never been easier––or more natural.

We believe in using organic and effective ingredients that do what they claim without drawbacks. 

A single daily 365 HER Boric Acid vaginal suppository contains 600 mg of 100% pure, high-quality boric acid with zero additives. 

All it takes is one powerful supershero punch at night to keep your intimates fresh and healthy all day long––without upsetting you, your stomach, or vagina.

You are the star of the party.
Don’t let yeast have all the fun!

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