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A healthy vagina is essential to feminine health, sexuality, and the ability to enjoy your body.

365 Her's completely safe, effective, and all-natural vaginal supplements are designed exclusively by and for women, ensuring year-round health and satisfaction.

It’s time to unleash your V-Powers.

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  • Maintain a healthy vaginal microbiome

  • Be in control of your health and wellbeing

  • Enjoy a carefree and more fulfilling sex life

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Our power is not a secret.

As women, our vaginas seem to be a matter of public opinion.

At 365 HER, we believe vaginas deserve to be loved and respected, not scrutinized by people they don’t belong to.

Ladies, it’s time to own our sexual health.

Our mission is to empower women to embrace and honor their most sacred feminine parts and unleash their superpowers, so we can crush limiting dogmas and thrive.

Together, we can smash the myths that prevent us from becoming full-blown Sheroes and revel in our female divinity with unabashed pride.

If you treat your vagina as a goddess, she'll give you V-powers all year long.

Get to know 365 HER Founder Ingrid Romero

As a hard-working business owner, fitness expert, and mother of preemie twins, my passion is advocating for women's health, success, and autonomy.

In the years leading up to and following the birth of my sons, my weight fluctuated greatly and I faced a range of hormonal issues that directly affected my energy, confidence, and sexual life.

Over the years, I have coached thousands of amazing female clients, and I have learned that stigmas surrounding our sexuality aggravate many of the difficulties women encounter every day--not just with regard to fertility or physical wellness, but also with regard to mental and emotional wellbeing and escaping toxic environments.

Sexual wellness.
Female Empowerment

Having recently reinvented myself and my career as a single mother, I believe we should support each other in evolving into stronger, more independent women with full control of our happiness, fulfillment, and sexual health.

To that end, I've dedicated my new and exciting journey to shining a bold spotlight on the stuff we don’t talk about (unsubtle hint: vaginas!) and partnered with the finest formulators to create a complete line of products that addresses all OUR needs as women.

And girl, I mean all of them.

Vaginal health - Sexual wellness - Female Empowerment

Created by a woman for a woman
…because we know ourselves best!

  • Effective formulations backed by science

  • Specifically designed for women's health

  • No artificial fillers, only natural ingredients

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  • Got My Sex Life Back!

    After having my 3 kids, my body went through some major changes. The biggest problem was that after giving birth to youngest, I noticed a bad smell. I expected the smells to go away after having my son, but it stayed. I became VERY self-conscious about the odors…to the point that I didn’t feel comfortable having sex with my husband. My self esteem became low. I saw an Instagram post Biolicious and ordered. I started taking my 2 pills daily on a Friday and by that Wednesday the odor was practically gone! Biolicious works!

    Deborah Summers

    I struggle with having a fishy odor for a long time, it gets worse when my period is about to start. I stopped taking the antibiotics that my doctor used to give me because I would get yeast infections from them. I’ve been taking Biolicious for 3 weeks and have NO ODOR and I feel fresh. BONUS: I even have more confidence when dating.

    Michelle C.
  • Biolicious is the BEST!

    My BV and UTI curse has been broken! I can’t remember when I did not have one or the other. Medications were only a temporary fix. My bestie told me to try Biolicious. The stink was gone in days. The years of suffering from UTIs was over in weeks.

    Melanie Smith
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